Who are we ?

We are a team. a team of IPTV Professional guys. with a lot of IPTV channels, IPTV experiences, IPTV things, and now we are here together with a name. the name of "LandIPTV". to provide the best IPTV Service in the World.

finding better providers, looking for rare channels, fixing problems, organizing the procedures, making things better, this is all we do every day, over and over.

LandIPTV started from 2016, with 3 guys, and after a while now we see here is about 20 guys working for a better LandIPTV. Support Dept, Quality of Service, Monitoring guys, Billing team, Provider Management, ...


and NOW, we are service about 40,000 live connections, with more than 12,000 live channels, and at least 30,000 VoD/Serries, and we are growing up every day !

LandIPTV Service availabel on :
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