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Dear restreamer, we are happy to see you here on LandIPTV Restream Department page. On LandIPTV we have at least 12,000 live TV Channels in 72 categories based on xtream-code panel.
You should know that we have bunch of premium 10GB restreaming servers with premium network! (I guess about 40 servers) all fully managed by our technical guys (24x7). Of course all of our servers are under monitoring by newest monitoring tools.
About the source of streams I should tell you that we pay alot time to select the best between providers. We only work with trusted ones. also all providers are under monitoring eyes, 24x7 for uptime, quality of screen, sound, content, the language of sound, as well the subtitle. All of our channels have at least 4 fine working backups, some times up to 85 backups!
All of channels one by one are under checking procedure over and over. So you don’t have to be worried about the quality of our service, cause of we are worried about it alot, all are under control, all the day, and most of them available for restream (We only sell the non-vip ones).
About the price, Yes we are expensive between other providers, 3 euro is alot, but remember if you pay for LandIPTV Restream then you don’t need to pay for any other restreamer. if you are paying 2k or 3k in a month for all of your restreams, mm I guess you can have all of that channels only with us, you do not need to keep backup, cause of we have enough backups, for some channels up to 85 backups! If you are a new guy in stream world, if you need to have 2k live channels, you can start with us with €2k/month, its enough for you to start with 2,000 live and 10k on-demand channels.
In other hand, if you miss some channel, You can ask us to find and add it for you as well. And of course we are responsible about the quality of all channels one by one. So you are free to ask us to fix any channel you have problem with on our webchat, our special Skype for restream, our special Skype for restream. All requests will be replied as fast as possible 24x7.
finally , If you can’t trust us, you can test with a 50 connection line only with 150 euro.

So, lets start !

IPTV restream


Cost of restream connection

  • 50 ~ 99 connections - €3.00
  • 100 ~ 199 connections - €2.50
  • 200 ~ 399 connections - €2.00
  • 400 ~ 699 connections - €1.50
  • 700 and more connections - €1.00

You are worried about the quality of our service?
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