Multiroom IPTV

Maybe you have a busy time line, some times on your Laptop, some times on iPad, Cell Phone, and some times you are free to watch TV with your family. Or maybe some times you want to watch football and on same time some one else on your home want to see something else. So if you are looking for an IPTV service, we strongly recommend you to find a multiroom service instead of single service.

I mean you need a service with more than one connection, to work on different devices on same time without any problem. With LandIPTV Multiroom IPTV service you can have access to our media center with two connection on same time, so you do not have to stop the service on one device, and start on another. Its just same as when you buy two separate service, when you buy two services you can start each one on separate device, so there is no conflict between your devices, but you pay double. But with Multiroom service you will pay less than two separate service and have same service.
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