how to use IPTV Smarters Pro
Sat, 17 Aug 19
IPTV Smarters Pro:best application for those using android & ios operating system*Android phone *ios phone or iphone*Android box *Android TV *Apple TV*Fire stick deviceYou can use this app in 3 ways.1. Xtream-codes Api2. Download [m3u] file and upload file to app3. Place the url directly in section [input m3u line]Most commonly used applications for viewing and viewing iptvAn incredible video player for the business they want To watch: *live TV*Vod*Series *Catch upTVProvides on Android and ...
How to work with STB Emulator
Sat, 17 Aug 19
STB EMU is a simulator of MAG device.Suitable for users of Android OS devices And Android TVs.One of the important benefits of this app The MAC address can be changed in this simulator.And you can customize the MAC addressChangeable MAC address has the advantage for the userThe user can use several providersBut on a Mac device, the address cannot be changedIn STB EMU App, the aspect ratio of the image can be changedAspect Ratio:*Auto*Standard*Non-Standard*Wide Screen *DynamicThe settings for ...
how to install and use IPTV PRO
Sat, 17 Aug 19
There are many software for viewing iptv.But this is the best and most accurate application to run IPTV for Android systems.The app is available in both free and professional versions of Google Store.Suitable application for Android OSAbility to broadcast and run IPTV service channelsUsability of EPG serviceApp download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.iptvremote.android.iptv Step 1: Step 2:Tuch Add URL After downloading and run App. Go to the Add playlist ...
Worrking with GSE on Android
Sun, 04 Aug 19
GSE smartiptv is one of the most popular apps right now. Although it has some sophistication, it is very user friendly. You can download and install this application on a variety of operating systems. For Android OS you can download and install gse here, or googleplay and install. For the ios operating system you can install gse from here or through the App Store. Some features of this program: Support epg, Support for logo or picon, Supports a variety of iptv ...
How to use VLC for LandIPTV
Sun, 16 Jun 19
This software is applicable on all operating systems Such as Window 7, 10 , Linux, IOS and Android. This software is the best one in displaying and playing of direct streams and movies. This software is the most well known in IPTV. You have to Choose M3U from the purchase page in order to view channel on VLC media player! The M3U file will send to you, After buying a line. When you enter the line, see the sample such as below. You can download The M3U file from your browser. ...
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