How to work with STB Emulator

STB EMU is a simulator of MAG device.
Suitable for users of Android OS devices And Android TVs.
One of the important benefits of this app

The MAC address can be changed in this simulator.And you can customize the MAC address
Changeable MAC address has the advantage for the user
The user can use several providers
But on a Mac device, the address cannot be changed
In STB EMU App, the aspect ratio of the image can be changed

Aspect Ratio:
*Wide Screen

The settings for this app are customizable subtitle and audio language.

How to use STB EMU
You have to select the MAC address and give the MAC address to the provider and get the portal address from the provider
After you enter the portal

Touch the red circle or Portal Load option.


Uses Stb Emu: Android TV , Android phone , Android Box


Download and install stb emu from Google Play Store.

Download link:

Step 1:



Step 2:

Open the top left bar and select  (change Profile data )



Step 3:

Click on profile name

Choose its name and ok



Step 4:

Select portal URL

Enter Portal and ok



Step 5:

Return to the previous page (settins) and select STB Configuration
Select Mac Address ,Enter MAC Address And press ok



Step 6: 

Go back to the main menu and select reload port in the left bar

Now wait for your channels to load




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