Terms and conditions on LandIPTV.
  • no money back quaranty : we do not have any money back guarainty. if you are worried about the quality of service, please buy a 5 euro test and check it for 24 hours, and then if you feel that its good enough, then try to buy your service from LandIPTV.
  • restream conditions : if you are a reseller or a single users, you are not allowed to restream from us.
  • only non-vip channels available for restream : if you are a restreamer, you are not allowed to restream our vip channels.
  • no credit refund : if you are a reseller, and lost some credit removing some accounts or subreseller, you should know that we are not responsible about the lost credits.
  • no guarante for reseller's clients : if you got the service from some of our resellers, we are not responsible about you. you paid to some one else, so you have to find the reseller and ask him/her for help.
  • countries and territories : we do not serve IPTV on India, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.
  • requirements of service : we are not responsible about the quality of your internet connection and the device you use for IPTV.
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